Indoor Air Quality

Every Canadian spends on average 90% of the time indoors, mostly at home. Some people spend all of their time indoors. Unfortunately modern homes in Toronto, Mississauga or Richmond Hill have many substances that may be hazardous to our health. Among them minor irritants such as dust. animal dander and major irritants such as molds and chemicals that may be emitted by modern building materials and furnishings. Some people are very sensitive to allergies and respiratory agents present in the indoor air. Although people are mostly concerned about outdoor air pollution, they often do not realize that air they breathe inside their homes may be more hazardous to their health than outside air. With the increased use of synthetic materials and  chemical-based products in our homes the risk to our health has increased substantially.

Mold is another major source of trouble, especially for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Molds grow in damp conditions. They may be found outside the house and inside in the places like kitchens, bathrooms, walls and even carpets.

Yuri Olhovsky received an extensive training from CMHC and Pro-Lab for indoor air quality investigations and mold recognition and testing. If you suspect having mold in your house in Toronto, Mississauga or Richmond Hill Yuri can help you by conducting a thorough investigation of all the areas inside and outside and determining the ways to rectify your problems. Mold spores are extremely small and not visible to human eye. However their concentration in the indoor air may be significant. By testing air samples in the lab you will get results showing mold species and their concentration.

Then Yuri can provide you with an action plan that will identify the areas of concern and outline the comprehensive approach to clean air in your house. Indoor air quality problems can be complex and there are many potential solutions. You will need a help of professional consultant who will conduct a thorough inspection of your house in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill and other Ontario cities and recommend necessary steps to rectify all major problems.