Home Inspection Client Testimonials

Dear Yuri: Your inspection and report were plain awesome. I want to thank you for taking the time and conducting a thorough inspection of the house we were looking to buy. With the house being over 40 years old, there were many questions that needed to be answered. Like I probably stated, my wife and I are first time home buyers that completely unaware in the process of home buying and we did not know what to look for in the house. Your verbal observations and written report have given us not only valuable information so that we can make an informed decision, but also in-depth knowledge that is needed to approach home buying with a certain level of confidence. We highly recommend your services to every potential home purchaser who is looking for an experienced home inspector.
Rajeeb Khanuni

We used this company before when we bought our first home 6 years ago. At that time we were very happy with the inspection and kept Yuri's business card. And now when we needed another inspection we called him right away. Yuri provided us with the same great service. He used his thermal camera and identified few major concerns. His thoroughness and professionalism resulted in a significant discount in purchase price that we were able to renegotiate with the seller. The infrared scan from thermal camera was very useful in proving our point. We are very grateful to Yuri and recommend his services to everyone who wants a thorough and detailed inspection.
Pasquale in Woodbridge

He inspected a 23 yrs old, 4 bdr house for me. Yuri is one the rare professional people that you can find these days. He is great at his job, both knowledge wise and personality. He offered great level of professionalism. Here are some highlights of his great service: 1- he was on-time, he stared right on time and finished as he promised. 2- He started from inside and went step by step through every single detail and explain it in detail patiently. 3- He itemized the house issues as safety concern, maintenance, repair, ... which helps me for future budgeting. 4- He prepared the most professional report ever, it is not only good for quick pick and but also for detail description. The pictures he provided were better than any words. 5- THE BEST THING ABOUT HIS SERVICE IS " HE HAS THE EXACT KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS OF WHAT HE IS DOING" I defiantly recommend him for home inspection. Elham in Richmond Hill

Yuri demonstrated true professionalism, in terms of attitude and the service he provided. His interpersonal skills are great so he was easy to deal with and as for the home inspection, he did not leave a stone unturned, with his attention to every little detail he found items which were of great importance that was material to our decision making. We were very satisfied with his work and would definitely recommend him to our family and friends. Great job Yuri, you are definitely an example to follow in your line of business. Ray and Marie in Ajax

I am a first time home buyer, and this is a stressful and overwhelming time . Yuri was professional and very knowledgeable and he reassured me and help me understand what needs to be done , and issues I might have in the future. He was very meticulous in his work and took time to explain each point that he mad so that I could understand. The report that I got by the end of the inspection was excellent, included pictures , suggestions etc. As a result of Yuri's work the sellers agreed to takecare of the problems. Excellent job , highly recommend if someone needs a throughout inspection. Michael in Richmond Hill

  We had a wonderful experience with Home Inspections 4U. Yuri is so good in what he is doing. He was very detailed in his work. He explained a lot about the house and provided excellent report with photographs. He gave us a list of maintenance schedule for the house, which was very helpful. He was a little bit more expensive than other inspectors but we feel that he was well worth his fees.
Brenda Ho in Markham

I arranged to have my condo inspection done by home inspections 4U. Yuri arrived at the building early and conducted a very thorough inspection of the unit. He was very helpful in explaining the various problems within the unit showing me what may potentially happen if certain issues were not fixed. At the end of the inspection he promptly provided a 25 page report with photographs and his commentary. The report was useful for me to take to the seller in order to have some of the major issues resolved. I would highly recommend Yuri to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, professional and thorough home inspector. I would use him again in the future without hesitation. Glenn in Mississauga

Yuri Olhovsky is Professional, who was thorough, detail-oriented, friendly, experienced, knowledgeable, and just plain AWESOME. He did my home inspection. The home I wanted to purchase had some issues/concerns Yuri put all of my concerns at ease. He gave me the information needed to make an informed and educated decision. I highly recommend his services for any home purchase. Krishna Penumerthy in Scarborough
Thank you so much, Yuri, for your invaluable advices on how to deal with existing and potential problems with the house, and for the thorough home inspection followed by the comprehensive report, which helped me to come up with the adequate Amendment request. I will definitely recommend your services to my friends. Thanks again for providing professional services. Regards, Alex in North York.
We were purchasing new house from the builder and asked Yuri from Home Inspections 4U to do our pre-delivery inspection. There were many items that were not completed on exterior. But Yuri also pointed out many deficiencies inside the house. He was very professional interacting with the builder on our behalf. We were very happy with the inspection and will call Yuri again on 1year warranty. Thanks for the excellent work. Christine in Markham
My partner and I bought a house in Richmond Hill. We really liked the area and the house, but our concern was a sign of old leakage on the basement floor, as well as a strange odor coming from the basement. Our friends who previously had an inspection done by Yuri recommended to hire him to inspect the house. Yuri inspected the entire house carefully, took air samples from the basement and sent them to a lab to detect the presence of mold. To our relief, there were no signs of mold or dangerous substance in the air. Yuri explained to us how we could remedy the smell and prevent leaks in the future. If it were not for Yuri, we may not have bought the house that we liked very much. We are now very happy in our new home. Yuri is a very knowledgeable home inspector and a very pleasant person to work with! We would recommend Yuri to home buyers, just like our friends recommended him to us. Indira Bhataravidhya in Richmond Hill